DV Lottery Results

Session Expired, While Results Checking.

9:41 AM 08/04/2017

American DV Lottery results used to be checked every day by millions of people from all over the world. Specially during the results checking facility opening days. Some time the website used to crash as millions of people used to try to access this website at a time. Some time the website becomes slow or totally down as it can't handle such a large number of requests from PC, Laptops or through Smartphones. For many days during the peak time, the website used to display white page, text as can't find the website or will display "Session Expired".

How many people used to participate in this draw?
Nearly 14 million people in an year.

If you experience like these situations, better to check the results on another day or you have to begin the process once again to check your diversity visa results.

Also the "Session Expired" text will displayed to you in the screen,
If your internet connection is very slow.
If you kept open the web page for long time, you may get this "Session Expired" once you press any button for action.

If you get this "Session Expired" message, don't try to refresh the webpage.
Get a new web page from the Official website and start your DV lottery results checking process.
For more information and assistance in checking your DV results contact bbsnetting@yahoo.com

Source: PC World.

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